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15+ Easy Vegan Vegetable Side Dishes

15+ Easy Vegan Vegetable Side Dishes

If you’re trying to eat more vegetables or to create more balanced and complete meals, these 15+ easy vegan vegetable side dishes are for you! No matter which type of vegetables you love to eat, you’ll find a low-stress recipe to add color, flavor, and texture to your plate.

When I develop recipes, I place a great deal of importance on meals. When I wrote my book Power Plates, that was actually the whole hook: a book in which each “recipe” was a balanced meal.

This choice was made because, as a registered dietitian, I have seen that people often skimp or skip out on macronutrients when building a meal.

Specifically, they might craft a plate that’s got plenty of carbs and healthful fats, but not enough (or any) plant protein.

You may have carbs and proteins, but your meal lacks a dressing, a nut butter or avocado.

We need ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The more balanced they are—the more they supply the macronutrients that keep us energized and healthy—the better.

We need to consume our vegetables as well. That’s what today’s roundup of easy vegan…

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