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36 Different types of cheeses explained!

36 Different types of cheeses explained!

There are endless cheese varieties available to cheese lovers around the globe. You have many options when it comes to choosing cheese. You can taste the different textures and flavors of the cheese.

There are six different categories of cheese: fresh, semisoft, semihard, complex and blue. Fresh cheeses do not ripen, whereas blue and soothing cheeses ripen with mold. Semi-soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses are matured in a short period of time. The longest-aged and cooked cheeses are hard cheeses. 

As a lover of cheese, I’m sure that everyone will appreciate the variety in cheese types. Many of us don’t know, but there are different cheese categories. Isn’t this interesting? Now, let’s explore each category of cheese in detail. 

1. Fresh Cheese

I don’t know about you, but I love fresh cheese. Although the shelf life of this cheese is slightly reduced, it is well worth the taste. You will love the mild, tangy & creamy taste and texture. Fresh cheese is fantastic due to its freshness. You will enjoy the velvety texture as well the kicking notes. 

Direct acidification is the key to making fresh cheese. ,…

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