Home Dinner 4-Ingredient Sriracha Aioli (Just 2 Minutes To Make!)

4-Ingredient Sriracha Aioli (Just 2 Minutes To Make!)

4-Ingredient Sriracha Aioli (Just 2 Minutes To Make!)

Sriracha AioliThis creamy, spicy sauce is made with mayonnaise and only requires 4 ingredients. It takes 2 minutes to make. This spicy aioli sauce is great for dipping french fries or tacos in, as well as sushi. 

Whether you’re a fan of intense heat or prefer just a gentle spice, the spice levels of Sriracha Aioli can be tailored to your liking. 

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Spicy Aioli

Sriracha aioli is a fiery blend of creamy, garlicky goodness from traditional aioli with the tangy heat and spice of Sriracha. These are the only ingredients needed to make a batch of sriracha-infused aioli.

  • Sriracha
  • Mayonnaise
  • Garlic
  • Fresh Lime Juice

Spicy Mayo – How To Make It

Pour make this Sriracha Aioli, simply add all the ingredients into a small dish and stir them together. Add more ingredients as necessary! Cover and place in the fridge until ready to use.

Mayo and Chili sauce in a small white bowl next to lime slices and garlic.

What Is Sriracha

Sriracha has a medium heat level and is fermented. It is made up of a variety of red chiles and distilled vinegar, along with garlic. This spicy condiment, named after Si Racha in Thailand, is used in many Asian dishes.

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