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Applebee’s White Peach Sangria

Applebee’s White Peach Sangria

Recreate the refreshing taste of Applebee’s White Peach Sangria in your own kitchen! This delicious cocktail is made from peach nectar with peach schnapps and crisp white wine. A hint of tropical flavour adds a tropical touch. This cocktail is like sunshine in a cup, ideal for balmy evenings and warm afternoons.

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Why is Applebees white peach Sangria so good? 

When the weather is pushing the mercury higher, and you want to kick back and relax, there isn’t a better drink to do it with than a glass of ice-cold White Peach Sangria.

This version of a White Peach Sangria from Applebee’s blends Moscato wine, peach schnapps, and fruit juices with a touch of lemon-lime soda. It’s so simple to mix and easy to drink that you will want to make it your summer go-to alcoholic beverage.

Why You Should Try Making Homemade Peach Sangria 

You’ve grown up, and so should the way you imbibe. Peachtree schnapps has a much higher complexity than shots for sorority parties and is more suitable in mixed drinks with more mature names than Woo Woo, Gummy Bear Martini and the like.

You don’t need fresh peaches so you can enjoy it any time of the year…

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