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Are McDonald’s Pancakes / Hotcakes Vegan?

Are McDonald’s Pancakes / Hotcakes Vegan?

Pancakes, or ‘hotcakes’ as McDonald’s calls them, are among the most popular menu items from McDonald’s breakfast menu. Even though they are loved by many, vegans still have questions about them. So, are McDonald’s pancakes/hotcakes vegan? Let’s find out. 

McDonald’s pancakes, also known as hotcakes, are unfortunately not vegan. The pancakes do contain milk and eggs, which aren’t part of a vegetarian diet. They cannot therefore be considered the same. 

The pancakes from McDonald’s have remained one of the best breakfast items to order for decades. People are looking for options because veganism is also on the rise. In this article, you will learn all about the ingredients used to make these classic hotcakes and whether McDonald’s offers vegan pancakes! 

McDonald’s Pancakes Are Not Vegan

McDonald’s pancakes cannot be qualified as vegan since they contain eggs and milk. 

Eggs and dairy products are not vegan. These pancakes contain dairy products such as whipped butter, sweet cream and milk. 

Lastly, McDonald’s pancakes are also cooked in butter and topped with the same. The pancakes are vegetarian, but vegans will not be able to enjoy them.

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