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Are McDonald’s Smoothies Vegan?

Are McDonald’s Smoothies Vegan?

McDonald’s offers an array of smoothie flavors on its menu. Fans love strawberry banana and mango pineapple. However, the question arises – are McDonald’s smoothies vegan? So, let’s find out the answer.

No, McDonald’s smoothies are not vegan. These smoothies contain ingredients which are not suitable for vegans. The smoothie’s main ingredient is low-fat milk yogurt. In addition, the smoothie contains gelatin – an animal-derived product. 

Also, if you are prone to some allergens in the food that may be harmful to you, you can always check the list of ingredients, as there are some allergens present in McDonald’s smoothies too. 

In this blog, I will share all the ingredients and details of McDonald’s smoothies so you can determine whether you want to order them on your next visit. So, let’s get started with the blog. 

Why Are McDonald’s Smoothies Not Vegan?

Why Are McDonald's Smoothies Not Vegan

McDonald’s smoothies are not vegan because they contain yogurt and gelatin, both animal-derived ingredients. Gelatine is a thickener made of gelatin, which comes from animal collagen. 

According to McDonald’s official website, it…

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