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Avocado Dressing Recipe

Avocado Dressing Recipe

This avocado dressing recipe It is quick and easy to spice up your salads with just two steps. It will enhance the flavor and color of your next healthy snack or meal by adding body and flavor. Use it to dip your vegetable tray!

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Why Avocado Dressing Works 

My avocado dressing is light and fresh when eaten alone. But it’s also an excellent way to add body to a salad or raw veggies. It can also enhance their natural flavors. 

Here are a few reasons why you’ll love it.

  • It’s quick. Even at your slowest pace this dressing can be made in less than 10 minutes. It’s an easy last-minute addition.
  • It is a vibrant color. If you’re spread feels boring and monotone, the vibrant green of this dressing is an easy way to make the table feel more festive.
  • It’s universal. Although you might make avocado dressing for a salad, the leftovers won’t go to waste. Repurpose the leftovers as a dip for chips, veggies or tomorrow’s pasta salad.

Today’s dressing is perfect on our southwest chicken salad. To give your mandarin salad a special touch, drizzle the dressing over it.

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