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While mimosas may be the official drink of brunch for some, others consider them to be strong drinks. Bloody Mary It makes a compelling argument for the title. A full-bodied tomato liquid is more savory than sweet and can be used to ease a hangover. Add a strong punch of spice to this classic combination and you will be able to instantly get rid of any lingering lethargy.

Let’s zoom in on that subtle heat for a minute. What if Tabasco was replaced with something more complex than the standard Tabasco? The American staple is fine for a gentle burn, but let’s be honest: It’s a one-note flavor, without depth or nuance. Kimchi, however, offers a wide variety of tastes and notes, which work in harmony to make something much more than the sum of its parts. Funky, briny, salty, sweet, umami, pungent, and yes, spicy, it’s one of my favorite condiments and meal starters.

Add a shot of vodka and now we’re talking. Inspired by another cocktail from Neighborhood Goods, their original kimchi cocktail takes advantage of luxe liquid kimchi, crafted with all the elements of everyone’s favorite ferment, minus the cabbage. My take doesn’t stray too far but offers a cheap shortcut that includes the vegetables and all. Now you can…

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