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Blueberry Galette

Blueberry Galette

Blueberry galette A simple dessert using a Flaky and rustic free-form crust Wrapped around a Sweet, juicy blueberry filling

Enjoy it plain or add your favorite toppings. Ice cream or whipped Cream The perfect dessert for all those who enjoy a sweet treat Want to enjoy pie but need something simpler to prepare?


This blueberry galette is a must-try! This recipe is easy to make and full of blueberry flavor.

This pie features a free form crust that you can customize. Easy to make in a Food Processor The shape of a Without a pie plate, you can use a baking tray.

Combination of both Baked blueberries with a flaky crust It is one of most delicious and decadent things that you can eat.

You can prepare this delicious French dish in In less than one hourWe can assure you, everyone will enjoy it. Love is impossible to resist.

Blueberry galette sliced and ready to eat

Ingredients & Substitutions

blueberry galette ingredients

Pastry dough

FlourWe recommend using all-purpose flour. Use a gluten-free 1-to-1 flour.

ButterUse a variety of tools Vegan butter Regular Butter without salt.

SugarBrown sugar also works, although white sugar is the best.

Iced WaterTo help you bring together the dough.

SaltJust a pinch Sea salt For a nice, tongue-tickling taste…

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