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Buffalo Wild Wings General Tso Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings General Tso Wings

Want to experience the distinct combination of sweet, spicy and savory found Buffalo Wild Wings General Tso Chicken Wings? Copycat this dish in your kitchen with our easy recipe. You can achieve the perfect balance with crispy fried chicken wings covered in a delicious sauce.

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What makes General Teso Chicken Wings so good? 

General Tso Chicken Wings is a popular item in Chinese restaurants across the US. So why did it take so long to develop? Buffalo Wild Wings created it, and they are absolutely delicious.

What could possibly be better than a classic General Tso sauce smothered on perfectly crispy fried wings?

Why you should try this recipe for General Tso wings

Buffalo Wild Wings no longer offers this dish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat it again. You’ll just have to make it yourself.

You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry. If you choose to fry your chicken wings, as in this General Tso…

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