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California Avocado Pasta with Miso and Leek

California Avocado Pasta with Miso and Leek

This delicious California Avocado Pasta made with Miso, Leeks and Leeks comes together quickly in just a few simple steps. This recipe is sponsored. California Avocado Commission! My opinions are mine.

Creamy California Avocado Pasta

Enjoy this rich, creamy avocado pasta in the spring. It is vibrantly green and dairy-free. It has a creamy sauce made from avocados, leeks and umami miso. California Avocados are a great base for dressings and sauces. They contain heart-healthy fats, and they’re perfect for vegan and dairy-free recipes.

Avocado Pasta Ingredients

You can make this recipe with any pasta you like (gluten-free pasta is available if desired), but I prefer rigatoni, because the sauce adheres well to it and gets inside. In addition, we’ll need:

  • California Avocado. You’ll want perfectly ripe avocado, soft to the touch to make blending easy.
  • Olive Oil. Blend the sauce with a good quality olive oil. This will help make things creamy. We’ll also use a touch to sauté our leeks.
  • Leek. This recipe requires one large leek !…

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