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Captain D’s Batter Dipped Fish

Captain D’s Batter Dipped Fish

Captain D’s makes amazing batter-dipped fish. This is the perfect recipe for a tasty plate of Fish and Chips! This recipe is perfect for satisfying a craving. The outside crust is crispy and seasoned, while the inside has tender fish.

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Captain D’s Fried Fish

I confess that I am a fan of Captain Ds Batter Dipped Fish. They can’t be found everywhere, but for me, this is a guilty pleasure. If you’re lucky enough to be near one, then you might feel the same.

The battered fish is some of the finest fried fish you can find. All of Captain D’s food is freshly made to order. You can choose from a wide range of seafood dishes. My personal favorite is the battered and dipped salmon.

What Makes Captain D’s Fish Batter So Good?

The fish is tasty for many different reasons. Their batter is so tasty because the flour is nicely spiced. So often a battered isn’t seasoned quite right, and it may miss its mark on flavor, but not here.

Moreover, the batter will turn out golden and crispy when you cook it! Just by looking at these pictures, your mouth will be watering!

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