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Checkerboard Cookies

Checkerboard Cookies

These rugs are not only beautiful, but they also have a pattern. Checkerboard Cookies Give both chocolate and vanilla cookie in one. They’re soft butter cookies with a fun and festive look.

My favorite hobby is baking cookies. The readers of our blog love the easy cake mix cookies, chocolate chips, and lofthouse cookies.

Black and white checkerboard cookies stacked on parchment paper.

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  • Checkerboard cookies work 
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  • Checkerboard Cookie Recipe

Checkerboard cookies work 

Checkerboard Cookies are perfect for catching up with a friend over coffee. The pattern adds a level of “sophistication” to the experience, even though they aren’t very difficult to make.

  • Prepare the dough in advance. Make and freeze the dough before the guests arrive. You only need to pop it into the oven.
  • Decorated and tasty snackables This recipe can serve as both a decoration and a delicious treat. It’s got the perfect combo of soft chocolate and vanilla, so put it on a nice plate because they’ll be gone before you know it. 
  • It’s fun to make with kids. This is a recipe that you can use to make a delicious meal. It’s a great way to spend time with the kids. Besides getting their hands dirty, I’ve found that kids love…

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