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Recipe for Chicken Birria Taco

Recipe for Chicken Birria Taco

Recipe for Chicken Birria Taco

If you’re craving a delicious Mexican dinner, this chicken birria taco recipe It’s exactly what you want. With savory shredded chicken and a crispy cheesy shell, they’re hard to resist and so easy!

The kids and I decided to do something. I made too much sauce when I was making my cafe rio replica for sweet pork taquitos. I put it in a ziploc bag and threw it away for another time. A couple of weeks later I snagged one of those handy packages of pulled rotisserie chicken from Costco and the light went on… Birria Chicken Tacos. The rest is a history.

The chicken already is moist and flavorful thanks to the slow roasting, but then throw on some seasoning and pan cook it so you’ve got a few crispy pieces, smother everything in sauce and it’s hands down some of the best chicken you’ll ever put in a taco.

But like all Birria tacos, this tortilla should be cooked in a little oil and sauce, stuffed with meat (cheese if you’re awesome) and then dipped in a little extra sauce or sprinkled with pico de gallo for the ultimate chicken taco experience.

Recommended Equipment

  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Tongs

Before You Begin…

You’ll want to…

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