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Chicken Pesto Pizza

Chicken Pesto Pizza

It takes less than 30 mins to make this superfast Chicken Pesto Pizza using store-bought crust, leftover chicken, and pre-made pesto. Kids love the combination of vibrant pesto with creamy cheeses! This simple pizza dinner is great for a busy weeknight.

the pizza cut into 8 wedges

Table of Contents

  • We love this recipe of chicken pesto Pizza
  •  The Key Ingredients in This Recipe
  • How To Make Pesto Chicken Pizza
  • FAQs from Experts
  • Try These Variations
  • Additional Pizza Recipes To Try

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Why we love this recipe for chicken pesto pizza

Chicken Pesto Pizza will have you eating dinner in no time! Use store-bought or homemade pesto. You can make this even easier by using frozen or leftover chicken.

This pizza is sure to be a favorite in the family with its vibrant pesto and creamy cheesy topping! 

Recipe Highlights

  • Easy weeknight meals that are quick and simple
  • You can prepare the chicken ahead of time and grate cheese.
  • Use leftover chicken or pesto in this delicious recipe
  • Can be…

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