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Coleslaw has become a classic dish This combines crisp cabbage, Carrots shredded. , Tangy. flavorful dressing.

The perfect side dish to serve with burgers or sandwiches, this is an easy recipe that can be made ahead. Enjoy for a barbecue, PicnicsOr, a Enjoy a family meal with your loved ones.


Our homemade coleslaw is delicious! It’s simple to prepare with just a few vegetables. You can even prep it ahead of time. Enjoyable and indulgent While being Light and refreshing.

Dressing is the secret to success, which is made with a combination mayonnaise Use our homemade vegan mayo Any other mayo is fine. Greek-style yogurt Non-dairy yogurt is also good.

The recipe is not complete without yogurt Weight loss and health benefits While keeping it incredibly Delicious and creamy.

Seasoned with The following are examples of a good way to start:, apple cider vinegar, with a hint of Maple syrupThis coleslaw is the perfect accompaniment for any meal. Balance of sweet and tangyIt’s a powerful spice that will make your cabbage taste delicious.

This is a good example of a reputable company. What is your favorite way to eat broccoli?It’s the perfect recipe for picnics, potlucks or BBQs.

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