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Cookies and Cream Ice cream

Cookies and Cream Ice cream

This is not your average Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, this isn’t Oreo dust or a few crumbles of cookies, this is nearly an entire package of chocolate sandwich cookies stuffed into a batch of ice cream.

You will love Oreos and this homemade cream ice-cream is sure to satisfy your cravings.

This homemade vanilla ice cream is rich and creamy. It’s loaded with Oreos. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream! Do you think it’s the fact that a few of my favorite sandwich cookies are packed into every bowl of creamy ice-cream?

Or is it that there are so many different ways I can eat Oreos? Is it because I can’t seem to find enough recipes for homemade vanilla ice cream? Whatever the reason, this is our house’s newest favorite ice cream.

If you want to make this icecream extra special, I suggest stirring in a few tablespoons of this Homemade Chocolate Sauce before the ice cream starts to churn.

Chocolate Magic Shell is another popular topping for ice cream at our house. This ice cream is delicious no matter how you serve it.

The most popular question I get is whether it’s possible to make ice cream without a machine. The answer is YES. You can make ice-cream without using a machine. The full directions are available here

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