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If you haven’t yet gotten your fill of fresh summer corn, it’s time to start shucking and husking, pronto. While you could make the case that corn has become season-less, a perennial staple in both the freezer aisle and canned goods section, the most advanced preservation technology still can’t capture the full bouquet of flavors, nor the sheer sensory experience, of sinking your teeth into a fresh, crisp row of sunny yellow kernels.

How long does fresh corn last?

Don’t wait another minute. Timing is important, despite the fact that harvests are dwindling. The sugars start converting into starch as soon as each ear of corn is picked. This makes it blander with every passing day. That’s why “fresh” corn in December doesn’t have the same magic as August; it’s already been in transit for who knows how long, shipped in from warmer climates on a slow boat.

Need more ideas for fresh corn?

These foolproof recipes will help you make the most of what you have. From appetizers to desserts, classic to unconventional, there’s nothing that quality corn can’t do.

The 10 Best Recipes for Fresh Corn

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