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Crispy Black Pepper Tofu

Crispy Black Pepper Tofu

This spicy black pepper tofu stir-fried in sweet bell peppers, celery and a spicy sauce. Serve over rice for an easy weeknight meal.

Wooden surface set with a wok and plate of Black Pepper Tofu.

Black pepper tofu will be the most spicy vegan meal you’ve ever had! Many of us who love spicy food overlook black pepper, but it’s time to change that!

Most of us keep black pepper in our pantry because it is inexpensive and readily available. Black pepper is a flavor bomb, particularly when it’s used in such large quantities as in this recipe. The heat of black pepper is different from that found in dishes with hot pepper sauces like my Szechuan or gochujang based tofu.

This recipe is not only delicious but also quick and simple. Add some sauce to the veggies and tofu after they’ve been stir-fried.


Ingredients you’ll need

  • Soy sauce. Use reduced sodium soysauce if you don’t like super-salty food or want to lower the sodium level in this dish.
  • Dark soy sauce. This is a different soy sauce from the regular one.

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