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Deadly Delicious

Even the most simple meal can be deadly if it is handled incorrectly. It’s the dose that makes the poison, making everything from mochi to plain water a fatal affair. Although some people prefer horror films and haunted house to get their thrills the real world is often scarier than fiction.

Unmasking Macabre Morsels

As the witching time approaches, our culinary curiosity turns wicked. It doesn’t take long to unearth a treasure trove of unsuspecting foods that harbor a sinister secret. In your own kitchen, you may be able to find some ingredients with hidden dangers. Yes, the all is coming from inside your house… It’s too late to run, so you might as well arm yourself with knowledge to fight off a potentially perilous feast.

The Forbidden Fruits

Sweet and beguiling in appearance, the aroma of common seeds conceals a dreadful truth. Bitter almonds, cherry pits and apricot kernals contain this compound. Amygdalin Produces an alluring almond aroma that many use to make desserts. This deadly chemical compound can release toxic cyanide upon metabolism.

Tomato Terror

It’s a fiendish twist that the…

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