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Disco Never Dies

Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected of places. Disco LemonadeIt began with an accident.

Recently, rush hour has become a day-long affair as construction reduces the three lanes of traffic to one single-file procession. If it’s not raining, or foggy, or dark, and no one has any accidents, we’re talking about an extra 20 minutes to crawl one mile. Mentally prepared or not, it’s a slog. To keep your rage at bay, you need to immerse yourself into an audio distraction. For me, that’s one specific alt radio station that usually hits a good blend of new and nostalgic, but sometimes sounds like a broken record.

A Drink Inspired by Driving (Not at the Same Time)

If I had a nickle for every time I was subjected to Marcy Playground’s Sex And Candy in a one week period, maybe I could afford a chauffeur service to save me from this mess. Again and again, I just kept thinking about…

Then there she was in double suede platform shoes
She was there!
Like disco lemonade

What’s The Meaning Of Disco Lemonade?

“Disco lemonade” in the context of this song means nothing. There’s no deeper significance beyond sounding cool. Even though it sounded so enticing, few people actually made cocktails.

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