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Burger King Tacos – Does it Exist?

Burger King Tacos – Does it Exist?

Tacos have become a popular food item around the globe. That’s why Burger King also launched tacos on its menu to offer a variety to their guests. Burger King has tacos still on its menu, but is it available? Let’s find out!

Burger King no longer offers tacos. The tacos were introduced three times on the Burger King menu, but they never became a staple. Last seen on the Burger King Menu in 2019

So, let’s find out more about Burger King tacos. We’ll also learn about their nutritional value and how tasty they were. We will also find out about their nutritional profile and how good they were.

Can You Get Tacos At Burger King?

burger king tacos

No, tacos are currently unavailable on Burger King’s menu in the USA. They were available for only a limited period of time, and then discontinued.

You will see many items that have been removed from the Burger King menu over the years. Tacos is one of those items. 

Burger King launched its tacos for the first time in September 2002. They were only sold for six months. The crispy tacos were their original name. Then, in 2005 and 2006 they were re-launched before 2019. 

The tacos are made using crispy tortillas filled up with ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce and…

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