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Does McDonald’s Have Hot Chocolate In 2023?

Does McDonald’s Have Hot Chocolate In 2023?

Since decades, coffee is the drink of choice for those who are busy. In recent years, however, hot chocolate is becoming a favorite drink. Does McDonald’s have hot chocolate this year? Keep reading our blog.

Yes, McDonald’s does offer hot chocolate that costs around $2.39. You can choose between three sizes of hot chocolate: small, medium, or large. 

McDonald’s has expanded its beverage lineup in recent years. McDonald’s has launched hot chocolate varieties with flavors like Oreo, peppermint, hazelnut and more. 

This shows that while keeping the standard hot chocolate, McDonald’s is always looking for opportunities to tweak and improve their beverage experience for customers. This blog will give you information about the nutritional profile as well as other interesting things. Read on to get familiar with the details. 

McDonald’s Does Serve Hot Chocolate?

McDonald's does serve hot chocolate

Yes, McDonald’s has hot chocolate on their menu. It’s available all around the year to enlighten your mood. 

A steaming cup of hot chocolate at McDonald’s is made with milk, chocolate syrup, whipping cream, and chocolate drizzle.

The cup will arrive at your table.

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