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Easy Baked Chickpea Frittata

Easy Baked Chickpea Frittata

This chickpea baked frittata makes a delicious breakfast or snack. The frittata is given a lighter texture by baking it. It also makes preparation easier. Serve the slices with your favourite fresh fruit, sweet potatoes roasted, or anything else you prefer.

A few months back, while I was visiting Amsterdam, I visited Koffee end Koeck, a cute vegan bakery and coffee shop.

A chickpea Frittata was on the menu.

Chickpea frittatas aren’t new to me. I’ve made a few versions at home, and I’ve also made many different attempts at socca.

This frittata had a different texture. This frittata was different. It had a plumper texture, a baked top that was firm and a wonderful salty and savory taste.

The cafe served slices of frittata so you could take them home as a snack. It was for my flight back that I decided to do this.

Also, the frittata is served as a sandwich for breakfast.

I ended up liking the frittata so much that I asked the cafe owner if she’d share the recipe with me. She was so kind to share the recipe with me.

What is a Chickpea Frittata?

This chickpea and frittata is, at least,…

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