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Eggs in Purgatory – Italian Shakshuka

Eggs in Purgatory – Italian Shakshuka

Purgatory Eggs

Soft-cooked egg swimming in a robust, zesty tomato sauce Purgatory Eggs (also called “Italian shakshuka”) is a healthy one-pan meal that you’ll be happy to gobble for a lazy weekend brunch or an outstanding, unexpected weeknight dinner.

Shakshuka Eggs in Purgatory

Why You’ll Love This Italian Shakshuka Recipe

  • Rustic Yet Indulgent. It is rustic, and it has a sincerity that I love every time. The rich sauce is a perfect match for the creamy yolks of the eggs, giving this meal a luxurious and indulgent feel.
  • I Promise It’s Easier than it Seems. You may be afraid to cook eggs because you never seem to get the right ones. Just rightEggs in Purgatory can be a game changer. Because you’re not cooking the eggs on the direct heat of the skillet, they’re much less likely to overcook. Instead, the sauce (and oven) gently heat them until they reach runny-yolk-perfection.
  • Breakfast or Dinner? You Decide. Since eggs in purgatory takes just 30 minutes to throw together, we eat it just as often for dinner as we do for brunch. As with Spinach Quiche and French Omelettes, it’s become a breakfast-for-dinner staple in our house.
  • Healthy and Budget Friendly. Like thisĀ Chickpea Hash, Italian shakshuka is a…

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