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Flipping the Script

Flipping the Script

My vegan eggnog usually tops my list of groceries on November 1. It remains there until my supply runs out. Nog-Offs between me and my friends are legendary. But this year I was disappointed. This fight was already over when no new competitors entered the ring.

Instead, I’m flipping over a lighter, easier, quicker approach that anyone can mix up at home. Flip CocktailsA plant-based revival is long overdue.

What is a Flip Cocktail?

First hitting the bar scene in the late 1690’s, a flip is a cocktail made with whipped whole egg, sugar, spirits or fortified wine, and garnished with nutmeg. Traditionally poured back and forth between two shakers to properly mix and froth, or “flip,” is how they got their name. The drinks can be served either hot or chilled, and they are most often made with brandy or bourbon.

What is the difference between eggnog and flips?

Flip cocktails resemble the rich, eggy eggnog, but are lighter because they don’t contain heavy cream. Flip cocktails are a lighter version of eggnog, which is known for its tall, voluminous drinks that can be consumed like a meal.

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