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Fresh Salmon Burgers You'll Love

Fresh Salmon Burgers You'll Love

Salmon Burgers

The succulent Salmon Burgers are among the healthiest and most delicious burgers you’ll ever eat! They’re made with fresh (not canned) salmon and without added breadcrumbs or eggs. It’s pure salmon goodness, all the way.

Salmon burgers with tomato, arugula, and sauce

Why You’ll Love This Seafood Burger Recipe

  • A crowd-pleaser for sure. Buns, toppings, and a tender protein—the gang’s all here! Step aside, Turkey Burgers! Salmon burgers can be light, tender and moist.
  • Fresh Fish – All About It. I love canned salmon for its utility (it’s perfect for the Salmon Quinoa Cakes in my cookbook and Salmon Patties), but when I am purchasing a FRESH salmon fillet, I want the fish to be the star. To help bind the burgers, I use finely chopped salmon instead of mayo, breadcrumbs or eggs.
  • Packed With Nutritious Ingredients. Salmon burgers have a lot of Omega-3s as well as calcium and vitamin B. They are also a healthy alternative to traditional burgers.
  • It’s Easy! These salmon burgers are easy to make, even for those new to seafood cooking (and my Baked Salmon). Ingredients are…

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