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Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread Cupcakes

Gingerbread Cupcakes Topped with a creamy, dreamy frosting of eggnog, these cookies bring the flavors of the holiday season to you in every mouthful. They’re super easy to make and will fill your house with the aroma of cinnamon and ginger as they bake. 

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Gingerbread cupcakes on a wooden serving board.

Table of contents

  • Gingerbread Cupcakes: Why they Work
  • Ingredient Notes
  • Easy Instructions
  • Serving Suggestions
  • FAQs about Recipes
  • Easy Holiday Desserts
  • Gingerbread Cupcakes Recipe

Gingerbread Cupcakes: Why they Work

Desserts are a big part of why I love the holidays. Nothing says Christmas like eggnog and gingerbread. With this recipe, I wanted to combine the best of these two flavors in one delicious cupcake. 

  • Easy to make. You can bake these cupcakes within 15 minutes by using a cake mix from a box. 
  • They’re moist and flavorful. This cake mix contains extra spices and molasses to create moist, delicious cupcakes. 
  • Real eggnog. The eggnog and cream cheese frosting give this cake a holiday flavor. 

Serve these Gingerbread Cupcakes along with a cup of hot tea or coffee, or with an eggnog glass! 

Step by step photos showing how to make gingerbread cupcakes.

Ingredient Notes

  • Spice Cake Mix – This cake is made with boxed cake mix.

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