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Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie

Enjoy this delicious cheesecake with mint, chocolate and a touch of cheese. Grasshopper Pie dessert! It’s the perfect creamy no bake mint cheesecake and takes just 15 minutes to put together!

Mint oreo cheesecake with chocolate ganache.

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  • Why this recipe is the best
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  • No bake mint cheesecake recipe

Why this recipe is best

The perfect dessert for a busy family is no-bake cheesecake!

This Oreo cheesecake is topped with a mint Oreo Oreo crust and a minty, creamy filling. The chocolate ganache makes it extra special.

  • No need for a oven. The summer is a great time to enjoy no bake treats, but they are also delicious all year round!
  • The Right to Vote Preparation time of 15 minutes The cheesecakes are then placed in the refrigerator to set.
  • This recipe is a great way to make a delicious meal. TWO pies! One for now, one to freeze for later – or take to a friend!

Are you still looking for new recipe ideas? The classic Oreo Cheesecake is just as delicious without the mint. Try something different and refreshing like our no-bake raspberry cheesecake.

Ingredient Notes

Ingredients needed to make grasshopper pie.

You can find all the ingredients and amounts on the recipe card.

  • Crust – You can use store bought Oreo pie crusts or try our homemade chocolate oreo pie…

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