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Greek Pastitsio

Greek Pastitsio

Enjoy the comforting and rich flavors of Greece in our authentic Greek Pastitsio. It has layers of ravishing pasta, savory beef sauce, and creamy bechamel. This traditional Greek dish is baked to golden perfection.

The heart of the dish is comprised of tender pastaCooked to perfection, this base is the perfect foundation for the layers and layers of delicious savory goodness.

The star of the show was a hearty meat sauceThis sauce is typically made from ground beef and infused with cinnamon. This rich, luscious dipping sauce enhances the flavor of each bite.

A velvety béchamel saucE adds a creamy, indulgent touch to the meat sauce. The béchamel is made from a roux of olive oil and flour, combined with warm milk and eggs, resulting in a silky smooth texture and a heavenly golden crust when baked to perfection.

Pastitsio is customizable to fit different dietary needs and tastes. Vegetarians can enjoy a delectable vegetarian version by substituting the meat with sautéed vegetables, while those with gluten sensitivities can opt for gluten-free pasta without compromising on taste.

It is a pleasure to visit Greece again after visiting it several times.

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