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Ground Turkey Patty Melts

Ground Turkey Patty Melts

This Turkey Patty Melt uses ground turkey in place of beef, so it’s lighter and healthier. It still retains all of the classic features of a diner sandwich. This comfort food classic features a savory caramelized onion and melted cheddar piled on top of golden griddled rye.

overhead photo of turkey burger patty on wooden cutting board

Table of contents

  • Why we love this recipe for turkey Patty Melts
  • Ingredients for the Turkey Patty Melt recipe
  • How to make ground turkey patty melt sandwiches
  • FAQs from Experts

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Why we love this recipe for turkey Patty Melts

If you’ve never tried a patty-melt, imagine it as a mix between a hamburger and grilled cheese. This classic sandwich, made with multiple meltable cheeses, is delicious and classic.

Recipe Highlights

  • Ready in just 35 Minutes
  • Caramelized onions are a great addition to veg servings
  • It’s perfect for a weeknight meal
  • Make it healthier by using lean ground turkey rather than beef.
  • Check out our suggestions on how to customize it.

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