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Guac The Next Happy Hour with Avocado Margaritas

Guac The Next Happy Hour with Avocado Margaritas

Something magical happens when avocados and Tequila come together. This could be the start of a spiked salad or salsa, but the fusion I’m thinking of manifests as a frozen margarita, perfect for taking the edge off on a hot summer day. We’ve already seen that avocados can do amazing things with iced coffee, so why not take it to the bar and give it a shot?

Avocado Margaritas – A brief History

Legend has it that Curra’s Grill in Austin, TX was the first to blend the savory green fruit into a sweet and sour margarita mix. According to the legend, the idea was born out of a dare. However, the results are not a joke. It is likely that many customers ordered it as a dare, but they were hooked by the refreshing taste. The tequila is accented with cilantro to give it a fresh, clean finish.

Not one to miss a trend, Epcot’s own avocado margarita has been incredibly popular since it hit the menu at La Cava del Tequila. The “happiest place on earth” takes a sweeter approach to appeal to the masses, adding melon liqueur to boost the bright green hue and ripe, fruity flavor all at once. The glass is rimmed in a lurid pink salt that amplifies the floral notes, and adds an…

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