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Harissa Chicken

Harissa Chicken

Harissa chicken has a delicious, spicy sauce that is sure to make you salivate. This delicious and easy North African recipe is perfect for your dinner menu this week.

If you’ve never tried North African cuisine before, here’s your sign to! It’s full of so much amazing flavor! These two recipes, Moroccan chicken and shakshuka, are my favorites.

4 pieces of harissa chicken served with vegetables and half of a lemon.

Harissa Chicken Recipe

Harissa chicken is a delicious dish that uses chicken thighs or breasts, spiced with cumin, paprika and coriander. It also includes a little cayenne pepper to give it a spicy kick. But the real star is the Harissa paste – a North African magic sauce made from roasted red peppers, hot chili peppers, garlic, olive oil, and some tasty spices. You can find it at places like Trader Joe’s, but it’s super easy to make at home as well.

Harissa chicken is an instant hit with its combination of flavor and heat. Harissa paste originated in North Africa. Specifically, Tunisia, and Morocco. They have been using it to spice their food for years. Then, they put this zesty paste over chicken and cooked it on the grill. Harissa chicken was born – tender, juicy, and…

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