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Hatch a Plan for Green Chiles

Hatch a Plan for Green Chiles

Hatch chile season really is the most wonderful part of the year.

The air will be thickly smoky in Texas and New Mexico for the whole month of august, as roasters are running full-bore at all times. As the chiles fall over the flames and their skin chars like fireworks, it quickly turns matte black. Aromas so strong that you can almost taste them from a distance.

You’ll mark you calendar by it too, once you get a bite of those freshly roasted beauties; earthy, smoky, and with a subtle, smoldering spice.

What’s So Special About Hatch Chiles?

They have an air of exclusivity due to the relatively short window for growing them. Crowds are drawn in by this and want their fill. The delicate balance between flavor and heat is what sets them apart. Not so spicy that they’ll send you running for dairy-free milk, it’s more of a subtle, smoldering burn that gradually builds over time. According to the Scoville Scale, they usually clock between 1,500 to 2,500 units. This is comparable to poblano and Anaheim peppers.

While you can eat them raw, it’s not recommended; roasting them completely removes the…

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