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Homemade Bagel Chips

Homemade Bagel Chips

Homemade Bagel Chips These chips are great to dip or munch with your favorite dip. The chips are easy to make, but they’re addictive. 

Baked bagel chips being scooped off cookie sheet.

Table of contents

  • Why make home-made bagel chips
  • Ingredient Notes 
  • Simple Instructions 
  • Alternative Methods
  • Useful Tips and Tricks
  • Serving Suggestions
  • FAQs about Recipes
  • More Delicious Appetizers
  • Homemade Bagel Chips Recipe

Why make homemade bagel chips?

These Homemade Bagel Chips are superior to all other crackers and crisps.

The taste, crispiness, simplicity, and ease of making this recipe will amaze you if bagels are your favorite. 

Here are some reasons why bagel chips make such a great snack.

  • Budget-friendly snacks Can’t you buy Bagel Chips in the store? Of course, you can. They are too expensive and crunchy. Homemade ones have a golden color and are crunchy with a slight crunch in the center. 
  • Make Quick. These crispy bagel crisps can be made at home in just 5 minutes with 3 ingredients. 
  • Gives bagels a new life. After you’ve tried this recipe, your leftover bagel will never be wasted again. These bagel chips are actually better made with older bagels. 

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