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Vegan Italian Dressing

Vegan Italian Dressing

This homemade vegan Italian dressing is so quick and easy to prepare, and it’s even more flavorful than the store-bought version! This dressing is flavored with herbs, good olive oils, and vegan parmesan made from cashews, nutritional yeast and cashews.

Many of the recipes I posted last year on my blog could be classified as vegan basics.

What’s a “basic” within the world of recipes?

Basics are my kitchen staples. They’re things to make often and keep on hand regularly.

Recipes with many uses are the basics. Some examples include a favorite condiment, a versatile meat, or a nondairy version. Many meals and recipes can benefit from the basics.

Vinaigrettes make wonderful basic ingredients. You can add them to salads. A jar of vinaigrette is always used in my house.

Vinaigrettes are a great way to add flavor to cooked grains. They add extra flavor to roasted vegetables when drizzled on top. They are great for dressing ingredients I add to a wrap, or sandwich.

I always read that making a good vinaigrette is all about remembering a certain ratio of ingredients; in other words, there’s no need for a…

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