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Irish Coffee

The classic Irish Coffee recipe can be made in just minutes with only 4 ingredients. Always warm and cozy!

Let’s warm up with a hot mug of Irish coffee! ♡

This classic 4-ingredient cocktail is always such a fun and cozy drink to serve during the wintertime — especially if you’re making a big round of drinks for a group — and it’s very simple and straightforward to make as well. Pour your favorite coffee into a glass, add a shot Irish whiskey and sweetener to taste, then top it off with generous amounts of whipped cream. I also recommend adding chocolate or nutmeg slivers on top!

If you happen to be sensitive to caffeine in the evenings like I am, you’re more than welcome to brew a pot of decaf to make these cocktails caffeine-free. And if you’re looking for a fun twist on the classic, it can also be fun to swap whipped cream for a scoop of melty vanilla ice cream and serve these as floats instead.

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