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Jalapeno Ice Cream

Jalapeno Ice Cream

Creamy, cool sweetness collides with spicy, zesty heat in Jalapeno Ice Cream, creating a surprising fusion of smooth, rich dairy with the fiery kick of jalapeño peppers.

Jalapeno Ice Cream

First things first, when I had the initial idea for a jalapeno ice cream, I wasn’t convinced it was going to be a win. We love the combination of sweet and spicy, so I gave it a try.

Some of our favorites are creamy cheeses with peach havana jam or spicy pepper jelly. This spicy chocolate ice-cream is a favorite among friends and family.

spicy ice cream with jalapenos

I’ve done a lot of interesting flavor combinations over the years. I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous eater. It’s always a bit risky to make a spicy icecream recipe.

This dessert offers a tantalizing, bold flavor that dances between sweetness and spice. It is an unforgettable and unique experience. This dessert is a must-try if you like to try new and exciting flavors.

jalapenos and cream in saucepan

Spicy Ice Cream

You don’t technically have to remove the seeds to make this recipe because we’re going to strain the peppers. However, the insides of peppers can be a little spicy.

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