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KFC Mashed Potatoes

KFC Mashed Potatoes

Find out how you can make KFC Mashed Potatoes with Instant Potatoes. These velvety potatoes have a delicious balance of flavors and melt in your throat.

This comforting classic is a great way to complement any meal. Whether it’s a side for a weeknight fried chicken dinner or in your Thanksgiving spread, delicious homemade KFC Mashed Potatoes are bound to steal the show.

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What makes KFC Mashed Potatoes so iconic? 

There’s just one problem with the mashed potatoes you get at KFC. The mashed potatoes are never enough! When the mash is as light and creamy as the chain’s most famous side dish, everyone wants a second helping.

Don’t worry. With this KFC Mashed Potatoes, you can satisfy your cravings. Make an extra big batch so you’ll never run out.

Why you should try this recipe 

The secret to recreating authentic KFC taste in your kitchen is instant mashed potatoes flakes. This KFC Mashed Potatoes Recipe not only delivers…

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