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Lemon Whipped Creme Frosting

Lemon Whipped Creme Frosting

This is a light and refreshing beverage. Lemon Whipped Creme Frosting This recipe is a great addition to lemon cupcakes. It’s so quick and easy!

Next, if you enjoy these lemon-frosted muffins, I recommend my Lemon Pudding Cake. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes is another favorite!

Table of Contents

  • Why this Frosting is the Best
  • Ingredient Notes
  • Serving Suggestions
  • Recipe FAQs
  • More Easy Desserts
  • Lemon Whipped cream Frosting Recipe

Why this Frosting is the Best

The frosting on cupcakes is, I think we can all agree, the best part.

I like all kinds of frostings. From vanilla buttercream, to chocolate ganache. It’s impossible to pick a favorite–they all have their place.

While I’ve made a lemon cake and lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting in the past, today I was in the mood for something different. Something light, creamy and fresh!

You’re going to love this Lemon Whipped Creme Frosting.

  • It’s homemade whipped cream flavored with real lemon!
  • Perfect thickness for decorating cupcakes.
  • It holds its shape just like cool whip. As a base, we used our recipe for stabilized whipped-cream!
  • The perfect balance of tangy sweet and creamy flavors.

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