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Smoked Salmon – Make it at Home!

Smoked Salmon – Make it at Home!

Smoked salmon

We’ve gone all-in with our smoker this year, and today’s Smoked Salmon The best food to come out of the grill is smoked salmon. This easy smoked-salmon recipe is perfect for beginners. It works on any smoker style and comes with helpful tips.

the best tender smoked salmon traeger grill

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First, let’s clarify the type of smoked salmon we are making: Hot-smoked salmon.

You can absolutely chill it and serve it cold, but it’s not the same thing as cold smoked salmon.

  • Hot Smoked salmon is smoked at a higher temperature (around 150°F to 170°F, though you can go up to 200°F with great results) for a shorter amount of time—1 1/2 to 3 hours for a large (3-to 4-pound) side of salmon. The flaky, buttery salmon has a strong smoky taste.
  • Cold Smoked salmon is smoked at a lower temperature (around 80°F) for a longer period (12-24 hours). Cold smoked salmon has a mild flavor and is firm.

This article will show you how to smoke salmon using an outdoor smoker.

Smoked salmon is available in many different ways, from choosing the right salmon and seasoning it to preparing your smoker to serving it.

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