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Maple Bacon Cookies

Maple Bacon Cookies

Bacon lovers rejoice! Maple Bacon Cookies Make your favorite breakfast into a simple dessert. Chocolate chip cookies with maple and bacon bits.

These Maple Bacon Blondies are a delicious and easy dessert that uses bacon. Are you looking for a more traditional dessert? This Gouda Bacon Macaroni and cheese will satisfy your cravings!

Chocolate chip cookies with bacon bits.

Table of Contents

  • Why You’ll Love These Maple Bacon Cookies
  • Important Ingredient Notes
  • Maple Bacon Cookie Recipe
  • Recipe FAQs
  • Simple Cookie Recipes
  • Maple Bacon Cookies Recipe

Why You’ll Love These Maple Bacon Cookies

It’s okay to combine sweet and salty. In these maple bacon biscuits, the salty element comes in the form BACON!

Here’s why you’re going to love ‘em:

  • Folding cooked bacon into cookie dough will give you a dessert which must be tasted in order to understand. Sweet, salty, and just a bit smoky, these are perfect for people who like their cookies a little bit on the “unusual” side.
  • Since I love adding chocolate to everything, I decided I would fold. mini chocolate morsels into my cookies, too. You will not regret it, and neither will I!
  • You can also enjoy these delicious cookies…

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