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Masala Chai Matcha Latte

Masala Chai Matcha Latte

Masala Chai Matcha Latte

This Masala Chai Matcha Latte is a fusion beverage. It’s a classic Japanese matcha latte but made with masala chai instead of plain plant milk. This drink is a collaboration between me and my friend PratikWe love the fact that it represents our two cultures. With his homemade masala chai and a shot of matcha, you get the most delicious Masala Chai Matcha Latte, or Matchai, as we’re calling it.

The addition of matcha helps balance the sweetness in the chai. Both drinks pair well with their earthy flavors and it’s one of my absolute favorite matcha drinks. Not only that, but it’s gorgeous in colour and a great coffee-free alternative drink. You can enjoy it hot or iced, so it’s perfect year round, no matter the weather.

What is Masala Tea?

Chai in hindi translates to tea and the ingredients used to flavor and spice the tea varies greatly depending on what region of India you’re in. Chai is a popular drink in India that’s made of tea, spices, and milk. This recipe is from my Gujarati friend Pratik. The ingredients are…

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