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McDonald’s Bacon Ranch McCrispy

McDonald’s Bacon Ranch McCrispy

Enjoy the thrill of recreating the McDonald’s magic at home with this easy Bacon Ranch McCrispy copycat recipe! This fan favorite is a combination of crispy golden chicken, smoky smoked bacon, pickles and zesty Ranch dressing in a fluffy bun. Make it a deluxe by adding lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.

You can enjoy the perfect blend of crunchiness, flavor and texture whenever you like. Whether for a tasty lunch or dinner, this recipe brings the iconic McDonald’s McCrispy chicken sandwich right to your kitchen.

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What Makes the McDonald’s Bacon Ranch McCrispy So Good? 

The original McDonald’s McCrispy is a pretty decent chicken sandwich. Sure, it’s simple, but other options for McCrispy sandwiches exist for those who crave more. Order a Spicy McCrispy with pepper sauce if you’re into hot food or enjoy some extra spice. Bacon lovers should try the Bacon Ranch McCrispy.

Bacon Ranch Deluxe, is the ultimate McCrispy. This monster of a crispy chicken sandwich comes loaded with crispy crinkle cut pickles, juicy tomatoes, crispy lettuce, savory bacon, tender breaded chicken, and tangy buttermilk ranch sauce — pure chicken…

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