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McDonalds Sweet Tea – Copycat Recipe

McDonalds Sweet Tea – Copycat Recipe

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s Sweet Tea? This sweet iced beverage is perfect for a warm summer day. Iced tea is the perfect way to welcome summer. You will learn how to make the best Southern sweet iced tea by following our perfect copycat recipe. Make this iced tea at home and enjoy its smooth taste. You won’t need to run to your nearest drive-through and grab a large McDonald’s sweet tea when you have this recipe. 

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Sweet Tea Making at Home

I know that making iced-tea is very individual. All of us have our own favorite way to make iced coffee. There are friends who have developed their own microwave techniques. Some of my friends make sun tea differently. Other people prefer to steep their tea for an hour.

Now, McDonald’s doesn’t do anything exotic like this. They make tea in a huge machine similar to a coffee maker. Tea steeps for just the right amount time. You and I don’t have their devices at home, but we can make a similar type of tea just like they do. This recipe does not require any secret ingredients. 

The most important thing…

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