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McDonald’s vs Taco Bell | Where To Eat Next

McDonald’s vs Taco Bell | Where To Eat Next

Where can you find the next tasty treat? Is it McDonald’s or Taco Bell? So, today we are kicking off the faceoff between two famous fast food restaurants – McDonald’s and Taco Bell. We will compare food, taste, price, menu and many other factors. So, let’s get ready for the McDonald’s vs Taco Bell battle. 

Let’s have a quick look at the comparison table of McDonald’s Vs Taco Bell:

Criteria McDonald’s Taco Bell
Menu Better Menu
Price Get a Better Price
You can also try Tastier
McDonald’s Burgers Vs Taco Bell’s Tacos It’s A Tie!
Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu
Drinks Menu Better Drinks menu
Desserts Better Desserts
Healthy Options Healthier Options
Kids Menu Better Kids Menu
Secret Menu Better Secret Menu
Deals It’s A Tie!
Modern Look It’s A Tie!
Success More Successful
Winner McDonald’s

Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a small restaurant in 1940. Then, in 1955, Ray Kroc came along and made it big by opening more McDonald’s franchises. Since then, McDonald’s has grown into a big fast food giant, offering unique things like happy meals, McFlurries, and famous Big Mac burgers. 

Glen Bell is a part of Taco Bell’s history. He opened a tiny stand selling…

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