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Your New Go-to Green Bean Recipe

Your New Go-to Green Bean Recipe

Sautéed Green Beans

Everyday is an amazing day Sautéed Green Beans! This side dish is a great complement to any main course and can be made with only five ingredients. Let’s go!

how to make the best sauteed green beans

Why You’ll Love This Sautéed Green Bean Recipe

  • The Side Dish Library: Add This to Your Collection. Because You can also find out more about the people who work at who cooks dinner at home at least a few days a week needs a side dish library—you know, that collection of effortless back pocket sides you choose from whenever you’ve got a more demanding main dish. This recipe for sautéed green beans is one you’ll return to again and again.
  • Tender-Crisp Green Bean Perfection. Like my Roasted Green Beans and Air Fryer Green Beans, these sautéed green beans are cooked until they’re tender, but still crisp—bright green in color, soft enough to be appetizing, without being limp and mushy. 
  • Quick Cook Time. We all love to roast vegetables, but if you’re looking for a quick dinner, this is not the way to go. You can also check out our other products., you can’t do better than sautéed green beans (or Sautéed Spinach, or Sautéed Broccoli, or Sautéed Mushrooms…).
  • A Healthy Side. Green beans are high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, and this recipe for sautéed green beans is…

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