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Bigger isn’t always better. Despite the incessant urging to scale up, go big or go home, and supersize me, there’s wisdom in thinking small. Small is easy to handle, not intimidating. Small tasks are much easier to complete than bigger ones.

Miniature Cookies For Maximum Enjoyment

The majority of bakeries have taken the opposite approach, producing monster treats that would last an adult active for a whole day. As a quasi-adult who likes to snack and is inactive, I prefer tiny, teeny cookies. Long before Trader Joe’s got on board and launched their version, my Microchip Cookies The oven was already on. The size was inspired by Cookie Crisp cereal. With a taste for buttery decency, each mini morsel tastes like an entire Tollhouse giant. Mini chocolate chips are sprinkled throughout the batter and sweetened with brown sugar. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You’ll never be disappointed when you just want a smidgen of home-style comfort.

Big Benefits

There are many benefits to downsizing baked goods. I’m not talking about health benefits, although I’d argue they’re…

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