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My Favorite Beef Bourguignon

My Favorite Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon (or “Boeuf Bourguignon”) is a bucket list recipe that is surprisingly easy to make at home! This traditional French Burgundy stew will leave you with a taste of the tender, juicy beef that is simmered in rich red wine sauce.

classic french Beef Bourguignon with carrots and mushrooms in a bowl

Why You’ll Love This Easy Beef Bourguignon Recipe

  • Rustic Yet Spectacular. Beef Bourguignon, a soup or stew that is slow simmered and made from humble ingredients, is unique. It cooks for hours, like a good Crockpot Beef Stew or Braised Short Ribs, rewarding your patience by turning inexpensive beef and carrots into something truly magnificent.
  • Comparatively Simple. By simplifying the ingredients and cutting down the cooking time, I hoped to make beef Bourguignon more accessible to home chefs. No offense to the masters, but I found Julia Child’s original boeuf Bourguignon and Ina Garten’s version both left me wishing for more vegetables and some of the steps felt unnecessary. I doubled up on the carrots and mushrooms, then removed ingredients that were not essential to create the best beef Bourguignon I’ve ever had.
  • Easy to Do Than You Think. When you think French cuisine, you probably think there’s a lot of work involved. This…

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