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My Favorite Butter Lettuce Side Salad

My Favorite Butter Lettuce Side Salad

This butter lettuce salad is one of my favorites. It’s quick and easy. It’s the perfect fresh, green accompaniment to any lunch or dinner. The salad is composed of round, tender Butter lettuce leaves with a simple Champagne dressing. It’s versatile, crowd-pleasing, and nutritious!

On Friday, when I shared my go-to Champagne vinaigrette, I promised that I’d also share my favorite green salad to put it on.

Here’s a simple and quick butter lettuce salad that adds crunch and flavor to your meal.

What is meant by a salad side?

When I use the expression “side salad,” I’m really trying to distinguish this salad recipe from one of my meal-sized salads.

My meal-sized salads are generally regarded as Power Plates. They contain a good source of protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fat.

You can say that they are covering their macronutrient base.

In my side salads, I usually use salad dressing and greens. But they’re simple and light. These salads aren’t meals unto themselves, and they’re not trying to be.

Is the distinction between “side dish” and “main dish” a bit arbitrary? It is.

A salad that’s predominantly…

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